NVCSS has always had the policy of keeping client records safe. NVCSS works to protect not only health information, but all private information that is provided as you receive services in any program. Your records are usually maintained in folders in locked file cabinets. Records may also be stored on computers.

The current NVCSS Notice of Privacy Practices is posted here or aquí (en español).pdf document The Privacy Notice tells you about your rights regarding your private records. This Notice uses language from the federal HIPAA [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996] law that refers to personal health information as Protected Health Information (PHI). The Notice explains how, when and where NVCSS may use or tell others about your PHI without your consent. It explains your rights to permit and to revoke disclosures. It explains how you can get a record of disclosures that have been made on your behalf. It explains your rights to ask for information and state grievances.

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You can have a copy of this Privacy Notice to keep. You may print one from this site, or ask at any NVCSS office for a copy. You can read this copy any time to see what use may be made of your health care records and who can see them. A recent government rule also requires that we give you a Privacy Notice to sign.

If you have any questions about the NVCSS privacy practices, please contact the quality assurance officer at the address listed here:

2400 Washington Ave
Redding, CA 96001-2832
(530) 241-0552