Disaster Services

Camp Fire

Disaster Case Management

The Disaster Case Management Program provides direct case management services to disaster survivors and their families through advocacy, information and referral, crisis intervention services, and recovery services.

Reach us directly by calling 844-556-6272 or emailing campfire-casemgt@nvcss.org.

Our Camp Fire Disaster Case Management Team is now located at the following address:
1072 Marauder Street, Suite 220
Chico, CA 95973

Frequently Asked Questions

Butte Hope

Helping fire survivors and fire-affected communities of Butte County regain a sense of hope, while continuing the hard work of recovery, building resilience and community ties for a stronger future.

Contact Information

10 Independence Circle
Chico, CA 95973
(530) 966-7382

Butte Hope Hours:
Mon-Fri: 8AM-5PM
Sat-Sun: Closed (unless at a scheduled event)

DCMP November Newsletter

Emergency Preparedness

Listos California & California for All

NVCSS recognizes the recent natural disasters and the damage it has caused to individuals, families, and our communities. In partnership with the California Office of Emergency Services and Catholic Charities of California we are offering Free emergency preparedness training and education. Our hope is that next time disaster strikes we will be ready! Governor Gavin Newsom started this campaign called “Listos” (which means “Ready” in Spanish) and “California for All” to bolster statewide resiliency among California’s most vulnerable populations.

Whether you are seeking information for yourself, your family, or your business we can provide you with resources and education to be prepared. Contact your local educator today!

Butte County: epbutteglenn@nvcss.org

Glenn County: epbutteglenn@nvcss.org
Anna Zepeda 530.605.9055

Shasta County: epshastatrinity@nvcss.org
Jana Blewett 530.805.5350 or Scott Cowell 530.440.4595

Trinity County: epshastatrinity@nvcss.org
Michael Blackwell 530.806.5389 or Ryan Crowe 530.806.3905

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Emergency Preparedness Resource Library


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