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    For employment verification purposes.
  • Note: We comply with the ADA and consider reasonable accommodation measures that may be necessary for eligible applicants/employees to perform essential tasks.
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    Other special education/professional associations (include U.S. military service schools and experience or skills that would qualify you for the position for which you are applying).
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    Please list your work experience for the past seven years with your present or most recent experience first. A resume may be attached, but the entire application must be completed.
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  • If we need to contact your current employer before making an offer, we will contact you first.
    *By typing your name you providing an electronic signature and are acknowledging that you agree with the following: My signature below signifies that I recognize that my employment with NVCSS is “at will”. This means that either NVCSS or myself can terminate my employ-ment at any time with or without notice and with or without a reason. I understand the provisions of this paragraph cannot be changed unless the change is in writing.
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  • [IMPORTANT -- PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING AUTHORIZATION] DISCLOSURE REGARDING BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION NVCSS (“the Company”) intends to obtain information about you for employment purposes from a third party consumer reporting agency. Thus, you may be the subject of a “consumer report” and/or an “investigative consumer report” which may include information about your character, general reputation, personal characteristics, and/or mode of living, and which can involve personal interviews with sources such as your neighbors, friends, or associates. These reports may contain information regarding your credit history, criminal history, social security verification, motor vehicle records (“driving records”), verification of your education or employment history, or other background checks. Credit history will only be requested where such information is related to the duties and responsibilities of the position for which you are applying. You have the right, upon written request made within a reasonable time after receipt of this notice, to request disclosure of the nature and scope of any investigative consumer report and a copy of any report about you. Please be advised that the nature and scope of the most common form of investigative consumer report obtained with regard to applicants for employment is an investigation into your education and/or employment history conducted by First Advantage Background Services Corp. ("First Advantage"), P.O. Box 105292, Atlanta, GA 30348,1-800-845-6004. The scope of this notice and authorization is all-encompassing, how-ever, allowing the Company to obtain from any outside organization all manner of consumer reports and investigative consumer reports now and throughout the course of your employment to the extent permitted by law. As a result, you should carefully consider whether to exercise your right to request disclosure of the nature and scope of any investigative consumer report.
  • Under California Civil Code section 1786.22, you are entitled to find out from an ICRA what is in the ICRA’s file on you with proper identification, as follows: In person, by visual inspection of your file during normal business hours and on reasonable notice. You also may request a copy of the information in person. The ICRA may not charge you more than the actual copying costs for providing you with a copy of your file. A summary of all information contained in the ICRA’s file on you that is required to be provided by the California Civil Code will be provided to you via telephone, if you have made a written request, with proper identification, for telephone disclosure, and the toll charge, if any, for the telephone call is prepaid by or charged directly to you. By requesting a copy be sent to a specified addressee by certified mail. ICRAs complying with requests for certified mailings shall not be liable for disclosures to third parties caused by mishandling of mail after such mailings leave the ICRAs. “Proper Identification” includes documents such as a valid driver’s license, social security account number, military identification card, and credit cards. Only if you cannot identify yourself with such information may the ICRA require additional information concerning your employment and personal or family history in order to verify your identity. The ICRA will provide trained personnel to explain any information furnished to you and will provide a written explanation of any coded information contained in files maintained on you. This written explanation will be provided whenever a file is provided to you for visual inspection. You may be accompanied by one other person of your choosing, who must furnish reasonable identification. An ICRA may require you to furnish a written statement granting permission to the ICRA to discuss your file in such person’s presence.
  • I acknowledge receipt of the DISCLOSURE REGARDING BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION and A SUMMARY OF YOUR RIGHTS UNDER THE FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT and certify that I have read and understand both of those documents. I hereby authorize the obtaining of “consumer reports” and/or “investigative consumer reports” by the Company at any time after receipt of this authorization and throughout my employment, if applicable. To this end, I hereby authorize, without reservation, any law enforcement agency, administrator, state or federal agency, institution, school or university (public or private), information service bureau, employer, or insurance company to furnish any and all background information requested by First Advantage P.O. Box 105292 Atlanta, GA 30348, 1-800-845-6004, another outside organization acting on behalf of the Company, and/or the Company itself. Their Privacy Policy can be reviewed at I agree that a facsimile (“fax”), electronic or photographic copy of this Authorization shall be as valid as the original. California applicants or employees only: By signing below, you also acknowledge receipt of the NOTICE REGARDING BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION PURSUANT TO CALIFORNIA LAW.
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