April 14, 2011 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
1725 Oregon St

So sorry I have to change this monday April 11 visit time and will need to go to that original Thursday time that Carolyn had for the visit… so I will take that Thursday off the 14th and Codi can come at 11-12 am to the first visit with Ken then I believe Linda Lafertty said she could see her that day at 3 or 4 that afternoon and when I know that time for sure I can schedule Linda Osborn as well…. thanks so much!

Shelley to drop off Codi at front main door and Ken to enter in back entrance. Linda I need to change Codi’a appt that day 215 if that will work or 230 or 3 anytime after we get done so COdi has immediate support from you? Note to all: Codi and I visited Carolyn on Friday at 4 and it was a great meeting REALLY like Carolyn we hit it off great and she is so sweet with Codi…. I updated her where we were in the case and how Codi’s emotions are when she’s mad, fear, happy etc. things to watch for and I told her she shuts down and does get angry. Linda Lafertty if you would please maybe make a note of what you think Codi’s signs are or things you maybe noticed in the begining of when she did see him or important things you want her to know, please call her and you have my permission if that will work for you to ok talking with her if write it hear, but so important you do before he see’s her. We could not get in this week because both Carolyn and I out of town. Thanks to everyone who got together this week and got on the same page I really apprediate that and it made it a joyful experiance and no stress on us. I REALLY appreciate that alot!!! Have a grea t weekend and LInda Osborn if you would like to do something with Coco Monday after Linda’s appt. say 1:15 just let me know where I know she really missed you last week and I hope your feeling yourself again! Just text me! SIncerly, Shelley Oh also Melony Codi’s gymnastics is now set Wed. from 6-7 so please tell Cheryle so she can come visit I know Codi would love to see her too!